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Liability Waiver for work performed by Forced Performance & Tuning

By requesting us to perform any modifications to your vehicle whether factory or after market, parts fitting, engine building, dyno tuning etc therefore you are agreeing to the following:

  • The modifications or changes you have requested may not meet local, state or federal laws or ADR requirements, it is your responsibility to check if what you have requested can be done legally.
  • You understand that Kuhn Family Trust T/A Forced Performance & Tuning, its employees and sub contractors are not liable for ANY loss, damage, injury or death resulting in modifications done to your vehicle that you engaged them for. I (the owner of the vehicle) have decided upon these modifications and not ideal outcomes may result from these modifications ie engine or vehicle damage and I understand changing anything from stock/factory settings has its risks.
  • I (owner of the vehicle) authorize Forced Performance & Tuning to undertake the agreed upon modifications and understand this may void my manufacturer's warranty and I (owner of vehicle), assume full responsibility for making these decisions.
  • I (owner of vehicle) understand payment is to be made in full before vehicle will be released to me and that a deposit may be required to order parts or secure my appointment. Deposit is not refundable if you change your mind. Unforeseeable things can occur when working on vehicles, I (owner of vehicle) understand that there may be additional charges on top of quoted price due to this.
  • I (owner of vehicle) hereby authorise the owners and employees of Forced Performance & Tuning to operate my vehicle within the workshop, roads, race tracks, any reasonable location and testing facilities including the dynamometer for the purpose of testing and inspection.
  • I (owner of vehicle) understand that Forced Performance & Tuning and its employees will not be held accountable for loss or damage to vehicle or parts left in our workshop for fire, theft of accident or any other cause beyond their control.
  • I (owner of vehicle) hereby authorise Forced Performance & Tuning and its employees to put my vehicle on the dynamometer and vehicle hoists as well as other necessary workshop equipment and any damage that may occur whilst using these pieces of equipment is not the responsibility of Forced Performance & Tuning.
  • I (owner of vehicle) agree to assume all responsibility and liability for any and all damage that occurs to my vehicle while utilizing the Dynotech chassis/hub dynamometer at Forced Performance & Tuning and furthermore agree to release from any and all liability and hold harmless Forced Performance & Tuning from any said damage.
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