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Upgrades To Suit Your Holden or HSV!

Package 1 - OTR and Tune
$1850 Supplied, Fitted & Tuned

Package 2 - LS Cam Package & Lifter Upgrade DOD Delete Camshaft package 


Package 3 - DOD Delete Camshaft package - DOD Delete Camshaft package
$5,750 fitted and tuned


Package 4 - Cam and Head package
$7,250 fitted and tuned (add $2,750 if converter is needed)


OTR (tune will be required to support this upgrade)

Plastic VCM VT-VZ $499 (Plus Fitting) 

VCM VE/VF MAFless $599 (Plus Fitting)

Exhaust Options Call us to discuss what option best suits your car!

Turbo & Supercharged options available also!

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