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Mainline Pro-Hub Dyno Tuning

Forced Performance & Tuning specialise in Dyno Tuning for all makes & models and most aftermarket ECU manufacturers. Using our in-house Mainline Pro Hub Dyno, we can do all types of tuning from flash tuning a daily driver to tuning an aftermarket ECU on a 2000+ horsepower drag car and everything in between. We have experience using all types of programmable ECUS including, but not limited to:

HP Tuners, PCMtec, Haltech, Link, Emtron, Vipec, Microtech and Autronic. 

Our dyno also allows us to conduct quick and efficient diagnosing of faults, allowing us to pinpoint what needs to be fixed quicker and cheaper overall.

Please call our office for correct pricing to suit your vehicle!

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