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Pre Visit Checklist

Welcome to Forced Performance & Tuning!

As part of the confirmation of your booking, we ask that you read and understand this document prior to sending your car in for us to complete your works. Depending on what your car is coming in for, there are some extremely important points for you to consider prior. Your booking clearly outlines the works which we are taking on. If there are any variables outside of what your car is booked in for, you will be notified and this will be at an additional cost. This will generally add unexpected time and potentially, additional parts to your works.

There are a few things that you can do to prevent this prior to coming in, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.  Typically, this will be discussed prior to booking in, but this is not always the case, or you may not know exactly what modifications are currently fitted to the car.

Some things to check before you arrive!

- Age, condition, and gap of your current spark plugs; 9 times out of 10, this is an issue when a car comes in for a tune. If it’s not an issue at your current power level, there’s a good chance that it will become an issue once we add more boost, fuel and/or ignition timing. We have specific spark plugs we use depending on vehicle and application, ask us which ones suit your car.

- Fuel supply: This can mean anything from fuel injector, fuel pump or fuel filter condition, or as simple as the power supply to the fuel pump? Is it up to the task for the current that the pump will draw? Will the pump supply enough fuel? How old is the fuel filter?

 - Do you have a quality fuel pressure regulator? With a gauge or sensor? And does it actually work?

- Condition of your battery? We do a lot of start-ups and ignition on-off so if your battery was already on its way out it may deteriorate quickly once it’s under harsh conditions.

 - All your fluid levels are correct, and they are in good condition? We will be putting your car through its paces on the dyno in extremely high load situations, so it’s best to have fresh fluids in your car prior to a tune.

- Ensure that there are no boost leaks and piping has been made in a way that it is not under load or on awkward angles which can make it a weak point and prone to “pop off”.

 - Ensure that your boost control method including, wastegate, springs, solenoid, hoses, and controller are fitted and plumbed correctly, away from heat, working and up to the task. Think about the conditions under which these are going to operate, if one of these fails it can lead to catastrophic failure.


 - Seems silly, but please make sure there are no fluid leaks of any kind! This is not only dangerous, but it also creates a clean-up job which will be charged for.

There are certain bolts/nuts/studs in factory cars which can be exceedingly difficult to remove, or can become damaged during removal, this is normal and is expected. For example, factory Barra exhaust manifold studs/bolt removal has proven to be a lucky dip. Although we have specific procedures in place and have completed countless upgrades, occasionally a factory stud or bolt can snap due to corrosion while removing the nut, this requires removal and potential repair of the broken stud/thread. If your car requires any additional work to enable us to complete our job, we will notify you with the estimated cost and additional time we may require.

Some final notes!

If we are replacing/upgrading your fuel pump, please ensure that your tank is no more than half full! If the tank is more than half full, we will need to drain the tank prior to removing the fuel pump; if this is required it will come as an additional labour charge

 - Ensure that your lock nut key is in the car! Please let us know where.

- We will pack all removed/original parts after completing your works. Please ensure that you bring a capable car to pick up these parts at the time of vehicle pick up. If they are left here, we will assume they are for the bin! If requested, we will only keep parts in our storage for a maximum of 7 days following pick up before disposing.

 - All existing modifications on the vehicle at time of drop off are assumed to be in working order and installed correctly. Forced Performance & Tuning take NO responsibility taken for the impact of faulty/incorrect existing components on the vehicle.

 - We recommend supplying your own fuel, 40-60L will be required depending on your setup, if we are required to fill up your car this will be charged accordingly (E85 $2.30/L OR 98Oct $2.50/L)

Payment of deposit is considered acceptance of these terms.

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