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Ford FG upgrades:
XR6 Turbo, F6 Typhoon & Tornado
Drive in Drive out packages:
FPTStage 1 $1095 
  • Pre tune inspection & dyno run
  • FPT Custom tune
  • Post tune dyno run and print out
FPT Stage 1 Plus Package $1795
  • FPT Stage 1 Basic
  • Bosch 1000cc Injectors
  • Airbox mod
 Optional Upgrades To Above Packages
  • Hard piping kit (Installed) - $750   
  • E85 tune (Includes licensing for the COS with PCMTEC) $1100
  • Fuel Module/Pump Upgrade  $550 (Ute's extra $150)

FPT Stage 2 Primo Package $5250
  • Stage 1 & 1 Plus
  • Process West stage 2 Intercooler kit
  • Process West muffler delete pipe
  • 4" Dump pipe, S/S cat
Optional Upgrades To Above Packages
  • Valve spring upgrade with Crow Cams valve springs $880
  • Upgrade to ARP2000 headstuds with o/s washers (If done at the same time as valve spring upgrade) - $770
  • Ported turbo housing, larger flapper including labour to remove and refit turbocharger $700
  • Full exhaust uprades (Dependant on sedan/ute/size & material, call for options & pricing)
  • E85 tune (Includes licensing for the COS with PCMTEC) $1100
FPT Stage 3 Supreme Package $8250
  • Pre Tune inspection & dyno run
  • FPT Custom Tune
  • Post dyno run & print out
  • 1000cc Injectors
  • Fuel Module/Pump Upgrade
  • Process West Stage 2 Intercooler kit
  • Airbox/Battery Relocation
  • Valve spring upgrade
  • 4in s/s dump pipe & cat
  • Upgraded turbo housing, flapper, 12 PSI actuator (Used on  F6 Only)
Optional Upgrade for Stage 3 Supreme Package
  • Upgrade to stage 3 Intercooler kit - $750
  • Full Exhaust options (Call for options)
  • Upgrade to ARP2000 headstuds with o/s washers (If done at the same time as valve spring upgrade) - $770
  • Further fuel system upgrades - Call to discuss, dependant on power goals
  • NPC Twin plate clutch (550kw rated) -$3100 installed
  • ZF gearbox rebuilt, Drive in drive out including reinforced flexplate with new arp bolts, upgraded transcooler with fan, oil, remove, upgraded tailshaft, reinstall & ZF custom tune - Call for options
Ford Falcon XR8 
XR8 Stage 1 $1095
  • Pre tune inspection and dyno run
  • FPT Custom Tune
  • Post tune dyno run & print out
XR8 Stage 1 Plus $1745
  • Stage 1
  • Bluepower Racing Cold Airbox 
Miscellaneous Upgrades
 PCMTEC  $1095 (Single Fuel/Boost)
Custom Tune  $950
  • Designed for when you have done your own upgrades to vehicle and do not require a FPT package and already have an XCal tuner
XCal & Tune  $1550
  • Own modifications completed no requirement for FPT package
Touch up Dyno Tuning
  •  $450 (excludes tuning of camshaft & injector upgrades)
Initial tune must of been completed at FPT.  This charge is for items like exhausts being fitted and tune touch up required.
ZF Transmission tuning (can be used with XCal III/4 tune only)  $250

E85 Tune -

  • PCMTEC $1100 (Includes licensing for the COS)
  • SCT $450 (If FPT have previously tuned the car)
Air Intake
  • 4 inch race box - Call for options
Battery Relocation Kit  - Call for options
Exhaust Systems 
Call for options & quotes as there dependant on vechile eg sedan or manual, size & material.
New or rebuilt turbos
Available as required, price on application.
  • 6boost single entry $1300
  • 6boost split pulse $1350
  • $50 for twin wastegate
All prices on this page are GST inclusive.
Some Items may cost extra to fit, please confirm drive in drive out price at time of discussion of your vehicles upgrade requirements.

Prices subject to change, please confirm all prices with Jamie/John when you enquire/book your car in!

Surcharge applies to credit/EFTPOS card payments.

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